Wedding food and drinks

Which dishes should may choose? What to offer guests at the buffet? How to please everyone?
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You can`t please everyone, but you can minimize risk of it

Questions to start with:

What is the dinner format: banquet or buffet?
Fourchette weddings are gaining popularity, but require a special approach: you should prepare a few food stations with a variety of nourishing snacks in a convenient serving (various canapes, pâtés, portioned desserts). This format of dinner is not suitable for every wedding: at a classic celebration with a large number of invited dinners without a full menu, thoughtful seating and professional service risks to go wrong. This format is better to choose if the event takes place in an open area and involves a small number of guests and active entertainment.
How long will the wedding dinner last?
A six-hour meal, a two-hour chamber dinner and a buffet party involve three completely different menus. In the first case, there are a few cold and hot snacks, in the second, the emphasis will shift to the main course and dessert. So if you don't want guests to spend the whole evening at the tables, don't order a dinner from the 5 courses.
What season will the wedding be in?
The summer and winter menus differ significantly: if light snacks and soft drinks are better in hot weather, in winter it is better to offer hot snacks and mulled wine. In addition, food is another way to emphasize the chosen season and style of the wedding: for example, in autumn, apple pies and homemade pastry are more relevant than ever, and in summer - desserts using fresh berries.
Key recommendations

We do not talk about the personal wishes of each guest: it is unlikely that in one dinner it will be possible to harmoniously combine the food preferences of all your relatives, friends and acquaintances. But it is extremely important to clarify the presence of food allergies or a special diet: if many of your friends are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, if someone needs a kosher or gluten-free menu, you should take this into account when choosing dishes.

The quality of the dishes offered by the restaurant or catering can't be appreciated only by beautiful pictures on the menu: you should make sure that the dishes are served at the level of your holiday and their taste won't disappoint you.

If you have many young guests at your wedding, be sure that restaurant have a children menu


Photographer, wedding organizer, photographer and cameraman will be with you throughout the wedding day - do not leave them hungry!
How to please guest if I`m vegan?
Tell your guest that
you`re vegan
Let the guests be prepared for the vegan menu.
Mix the menu for guests
А lot of people eat meat, make them a feast, too.
Find out how many vegans
You can calculate a vegan budget
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